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No​ize Boyz​

 Custom Car Audio and Video


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MyCar Remote Starter

Product Information

  • Start or stop your vehicle's engine from anywhere in the world
  • Keyless entry: Door, trunk or hatch
  • Control your vehicle accessories
  • Ultra-fast communication
  • Protect your app with a pin for added security
  • Manage multiple cars in the same account
  • Manage up to 4 different users on the same vehicle
  • Realtime action processes
  • True engine runtime status
  • True realtime doorlock status
  • Remote starter trouble code notifications
  • Theft alarm notifications for break-ins
  • Battery level indicator
  • Telematics signal strength
  • Select your vehicle image to display
  • Add a maximum of 4 different Auxiliaries
  • All Auxiliaries are fully configurable
  • Locate current position of My Car using the internal GPS
  • HCx
  • VWx
  • BM
  • BZ
  • AKX
  • RS3-G5
  • RS4-G5
  • SP-402
  • DBALL 2
  • 4X10
  • 5X10
  • Compustar 7000 series
  • Compustar 6000 series